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It's LIT, Come be a part of the FAM! Join me and my whacky mouth twitch as I stream every day!
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Alex Zedra

Gun Enthusiast + FPS Gamer
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Currently serving 17 year career military and avid gamer! I have an eclectic games library but I favor space/flight simulations and realistic military shooters.
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Scottish Lad - Knockin' Off Negative Waves
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Highly Interactive Content Creator From Ireland, Focusing On FPS Games.
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Artist - Escape The Fate Drummer - Professional Arguer
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Sketchier Daisy

Gaming , crosstitching and some sass
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- The Story -

In the beginning TekRP started in 2013 as Trollgazer Gaming. Before Trollgazer Gaming it was myself and my 2 kids that were starting High School. In an attempt to create an environment for friends to play, socialize, experience various types of technology in a safe environment, Trollgazer Gaming was born. From a small 3 person gaming party in the kitchen, imaginations went wild and things started changing. The power grid in the house was upgraded, double insulation in the garage with its own central a/c unit installed, 20 LAN drops in the garage and 20 more in the house, we were ready to game! The fun grew and became an attraction to people from all around as word spread. Hosting podcasts, LAN Parties, live Game Servers for anyone to connect to, building custom PC's, field trips to festivals and events, things started taking on a life of its own. However, there needed to be a change. Trollgazer Gaming was shutdown and changed to TekRP. In an attempt to make things better, we decided to head back to school. Going back to school has opened up opportunities for fun projects like taking classes for Network Administration then deciding to build a server rack as the classes go along. This has attracted alot of attention on its own from professional people volunteering thier personal time to play with the project like a hobby to influencing others to create their own "lab" for school. Nothing prepared us for what would happen once the Server Rack went Virtual and became a Data Center, we have created a beast.

What is TekRP's goal? With all these things happening over the past years, the direction of TekRP is being alittle more defined rather than being so liberally driven. The Goal of TekRP is to give back to the community by providing opportunities for the local community to have something else to do than get in trouble. This would include hosting public game servers, giving a place for gamers to go and to establish a stream of income to help support the dream, we want to host small business landing pages for a min price.

"To Accomplish a Dream is to Live" - TekRP