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While our coffee mug is the most popular (and the only merch item available at the time), soon we will have more items to offer as time goes on.
Sorry, TekRP Bathwater is not available and wont ever be... ever.

Since 2013 The Gamer Garage Has Tested Many Varities Of Peripherals With Many Different Gamers. Our Choice Of Pick Due To Durability, Beauty, Overall Quality And Because Of Cloud Integration For All Your Settings Has Been Razer. We Are So Excited, Because We Love Razer, That We Are Affiliated And Have A Discounts For You To Take Advantage Of!
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TekRP Coffee Mug
A classic coffee mug for your office or home office to sip your sophisticated choice of brew while you work. Or be innovative and turn it into a flower pot for your desk, maybe a pencil holder, whatever you decide, just having a TekRP Coffee Mug will boost your Intelligence, Sophistication and Professionalism.