TekRP Vanilla - A Survival Server:
Server Address: mc.tekrp.com
Server Host: MCProHosting
Version: Current Release
Gamemode: Survival
PvP: Yes - blockheads aren't allowed!
Difficulty: Hard
Players: 100
World Size: 200k x 200k
World Spawn Radius: 200k x 200k
Player Sleep Percentage: 1% out of 100
VR Compatible: Join with Vivecraft
Datapacks: New Ruined Portals, Banner Flags,
Better Stonecutter, Fast Leaf Decay, Graves,
Mob Health Bar, More Mob Heads,
More Compostable Items, Phantom Jockeys,
Player Head Drops, Rotten Flesh to Leather,
Silk Touch Spawners, Tree Capitator,
Structory, Day Counter, Ships on Seas,
Saddle Craftable, Sit Anywhere,
Item Frame Shear, Better Underwater Ruins,
Racks, Waystones, Custom Nether Portals,
Wandering Traders, Craftable Elytra,
Custom Name Color, Armor Statues,
Durability Ping.

Crafting Recipe: Elytra's

Crafting Recipe: Saddles's

Crafting Recipe: Racks for Tools and Weapons

Crafting Recipe: Waystone

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