Server Address:

Server Info

Server Address:
Whitelist: On
Gamemode: Survival
Hardcore: No
Players: 10
Map Size: 100k x 100k
Spawn Area: 100k x 100k
Random Spawn: Yes
Difficulty: Hard
Client: Vanilla Client
Mod Packs: None
Version: Current
Mobs Spawn: Yes
Generate Structures: Yes
NPC's Spawn: Yes
Player Sleep Percentage: 1%
Grave Robbing: Yes

Server Rules

Mods like XRay, TP, Fly, ect.: 100% Ban
Greifing: 100% Ban
Abusing Chat: 100% Ban
Abusing Players: 100% Ban
Breaking TekRP Rules: 100% Ban

Server Datapacks

Craftable Saddle
Day Counter
Durability Ping
Craftable Elytra
Fast Leaf Decay
Mob Health Bar
More Mob Heads
Name Colors
Player Head Drops
Rotten Flesh to Leather
Silk Touch Spawner
AFK Display
Villager Leash
Custom Nether

Suggested Client Mods

Fabric API
Xaeros World Map
Xaeros Mini Map
Physics Mod
BSL Shaderpack



Everything here and that I have learned has been somehow from Minecraft.
Because of this, I have made it a point to always have a Minecraft Server
online. This all started when my kids wanted to play, then play with each other,
then have their friends join in. My adventure into IT began with building my first Minecraft Server.

Now I am pursing a degree in Network Administration, System Administrator,
while enjoying the best community ever online, the Gaming community!

While I am working to build something that will support myself, my kids and
potentially others around the world, it is the goal to be able to open the server
up to the world and enjoy the creative, imaginative and educational benefits
that come from this game.


Join the Discord for any Questions